Weekly news digest from 22 February to 28 February 2021.

🔸 The leading Ethereum mining pool F2Pool supported the proposal to update the EIP-1559 network, the activation of which will lead to a decrease in the volatility of gas prices and oblige them to burn part of the commission. The rest of the ETH miners are strongly against it.

🔸 Furucombo DeFi Protocol Hacked For $ 14 Million Using Fake Smart Contract 😡

🔸 Ripple announced an update to the XRP network to version 1.7.0. (

🔸 Bitwise crypto fund grows to $ 1 billion.

🔸 Cryptobank Galaxy Digital intends to open new divisions and expand its staff by 40%. Will return those who were fired a year ago 😉

🔸 Video game maker Atari has partnered with Polugon, formerly Matic Network.

🔸 Brave blockchain browser has started developing its own decentralized crypto exchange.

🔸 NFT token with Trump sold for $ 6.6 million 😎

🔸 CoinShares launched an Ethereum-based exchange product with physical backing in cryptocurrency.


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