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You want to invest in crypto but you fear the next bear market?

We believe that the future of crypto assets will be bright! Our mission is to make investing into crypto assets accessible to everyone. With CryptoCaptain's early warning system, you can enjoy high returns of crypto assets while greatly reducing your exposure to bear markets.

Have you been losing money on day-trading?

Successful day-trading is very difficult, stressful and 80% of traders lose. With the help of CryptoCaptain, you can invest early in bull markets and hold through them to greatly increase your odds of succeeding - without the stress and high fees.

Bull Market Compass


Bull Market Compass -

know the best time to invest

The Bull Market Compass helps to boost your portfolio returns by early detecting bull markets lasting 2 to 6 months. Using CryptoCaptain, you can compound returns over each bull market.

The Bull Market Compass will also warn you ahead of market crashes, thus helping you protect your capital.


How does it work?

Since 10+ years, we have been researching and developing predictive analytics solutions.

For the Bull Market Compass, we curate high-quality crypto news and predictive data. While competitors use only technical analysis, CryptoCaptain's custom-built AI continuously analyzes shifts in the overall market sentiment to anticipate market turning points.

The animation shows how our Bull Market Compass can detect the beginning of a new bull market or the approach of a market crash - like during the Corona Crisis. Our AI then triggers the appopriate investment action.

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Investment Performance


Beat the market by far

With our weekly Investment Performance Update we strive to be as transparent as possible.

The figure shows - with a delay of 1 month - the exemplary performance of investing with the Bull Market Compass using Bitcoin.



Relieve yourself deciding when to invest: our timing of buys and sells

You will receive a BUY notification via email as soon as our AI detects a bull market. You will also receive a SELL notification as soon as a market crash appears on the horizon.

Investment Action Buy

If you haven’t received a notification for a while then rest assured that we are constantly analyzing the market and will notify you as soon as an opportunity emerges.

Invest in Favorite Cryptos

Invest in your favorite cryptos

An anticipated bull run in the cryptocurrency market usually applies to the majority of cryptocurrencies. In this sense, you can invest in your favorite crypotcurrencies when you receive a BUY notification from our AI. However, in our investing, we focus on the market leader Bitcoin.

Please note that we do not execute trades on your behalf. It is up to you to take action after receiving a BUY or a SELL notification from our AI. However, this can easily be done with a broker such as Coinbase or Bison.



Frequendly Asked Questions

What is a trading signal?

A signal proposes to open or close a position in a specific market. There are different types of positions: LONG and SHORT. A signal is sent by a trading system.

What is a LONG position in some asset?

A LONG position is a buyer’s position, expecting a rise of the asset’s price quoted in fiat money.

How can a LONG position be opened?

The most straightforward way to open a LONG position, is to buy an asset with fiat money.

What is a SHORT position in some asset?

A SHORT position is a seller’s position, expecting a drop of the asset’s price quoted in fiat money.

How can a SHORT position be opened?

The most straightforward way to open a SHORT position is to lend the asset for a fee, then sell it at an exchange. Later you buy it back at an exchange, expecting to pay a lower price. Your profit is the price difference ex fees (and tax). Finally, you give back the asset to the lender.

What is an OUT signal?

An OUT signal requests to close an open position. That is, in case of a LONG position, the asset is sold. In case of a SHORT position, the asset is bought back.

What is a trading system?

A trading system systematically answers the following questions:
– Which assets should be selected?
– When should a selected asset be bought or sold?

The success of a trading system can be measured either by beating some benchmark or by maximizing absolute returns. While pursuing these objectives, risk has to be controlled systematically.

What is the nature of CryptoCaptain’s trading systems?

The trading systems of CryptoCaptain currently trade only Bitcoin vs. Fiat. The objective of the systems is to maximize absolute returns. The general approach to trading is characterized by aiming to fully capture profitable market trends over several weeks and even months.

How does CryptoCaptain decide when to buy or sell?

CryptoCaptain uses its own algorithms from 10+ years of university research. We believe crypto asset markets to be driven by investors’ emotions and sentiments. CryptoCaptain has developed a unique AI to sense market sentiment. We use machine learning and text mining algorithms in a big data infrastructure to automatically assess investors’ postings, opinions, and predictions in a systematic and objective way. Tipping of the market sentiment forms the basis for deciding whether to buy or sell.

How does CryptoCaptain control risk?

CryptoCaptain uses proprietary algorithms to automatically detect whether a trade’s odds are favorable – before and after opening a position. To open a position, the market first has to move in the expected direction. To detect when to better close a position, CryptoCaptain uses several patterns, e.g., it constantly checks the shape of the capital curve.

Why does CryptoCaptain focus on Bitcoin?

CryptoCaptain’s approach to measuring market sentiment is best suited for large assets. Large assets are discussed more frequently, thus our analyses are well grounded. Furthermore, Bitcoin well represents the overall market, has the highest trading volume, can be traded with fiat money on many exchanges, is less risky and more stable than altcoins. Nevertheless, we experiment a lot with trading other crypto assets as well.

Should I use stop losses?

CryptoCaptain recommends not to use automatic stop loss orders. For two reasons: (1) often, markets are driven towards the stops – and then, the market reverses. (2) CryptoCaptain’s risk management includes trailing stop losses, which can trigger a signal to close a position.

Why does CryptoCaptain focus on long term investments?

Earning short term profits is very competitive. Competitors are armed with computers, algos, and trading experience. Furthermore, short term trading incurs high transaction costs with your broker – and requires your attention all the time. Therefore, a longer time horizon of at least some weeks is favorable for many investors. Luckily, crypto asset markets boast sizable market movements that can persist for weeks and even months.


SURVEY - how can we improve ?

We strive to constantly improve our services to help our members become better in investing. Your opinion matters to us very much!





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"I was incredibly skeptical when I first began membership with CryptoCaptain, then I got my first sell signal from their AI service. My assets were doing fine, but I decided to follow what they determined to be the correct decision and sell my assets. Just a few days later, the market crashed. I woke up, checked the status of the market and had a momentary stomach drop, then I realized. I'm not dealing with huge amounts of money, but CryptoCaptain saved me at least $1000 with the very first signal. That already pays for itself ten fold. Forgetting the tools for a moment, the access to a community of experts and members is invaluable. There are many resources for crypto, but to be able to connect with experts at a moment's notice to ask questions and receive thoughtful, informed answers that you can trust is again worth the membership fee for peace of mind and informed decisions. I strongly recommend CryptoCaptain for both the effectiveness of their AI tools and the community you have access to."

Jackson Patrick-Sternin  (May 21, 2021)



Great supporters on CryptoCaptain's journey

CryptoCaptain is a spin-off of the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany and has received funding in the Crypto-Captain project from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the "EXIST-Gründerstipendium" from 2019-09-01 until 2020-11-30.

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