We have joined the CODE_n community to drive forward innovations for crypto investors


There is a new place to create and drive forward CryptoCaptain’s innovative information services for crypto and Bitcoin investors like the Bull Market Compass.

We say “goodbye” to our colleagues at the Information Systems department of the University of Hohenheim. Together we have worked fruitfully for more than 10 years on data science and artificial intelligence research projects. We have built the technical foundations for CryptoCaptain but we have also developed a deep understanding of the methods used for extracting valuable knowledge from data.

We now make the transition from the research to the business world and hereby say “hello” to our new colleagues at the CODE_n startup and innovation hub. With this move, we fully embrace our nature of a young and innovative startup and enter an innovation hub of like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs.

About Code_n

CODE_n was initiated by GFT as a leading innovation hub for digital pioneers and visionaries. GFT is a world-class financial services specialist in technology and innovation, who also fully embraces artificial intelligence and blockchain-driven solutions. CODE_n helps to bring together entrepreneurs and established companies. CODE_n also promotes and supports creativity to drive digital innovations.

The community of CODE_N is an international network of startups and corporations. In the CODE_n community, we get to work with phinc who empower manufacturing facilities with AI insights. Boltzplatz who bring knowledge about numerical plasma simulations to the table. Aucobo who simplify the life of workers in manufacturing by sending live updates of the manufacturing process to their smartwatch. Code2order who digitalize the complete hotel experience – from reservation to check out – for hotel guests.

Final Words

We are looking forward to create better value for crypto and Bitcoin investors every day in the inspiring environment of CODE_n.

We are also eager to receive thoughtful inputs on topics that startups typically face, for instance, acquiring customers, creating a strong brand image, or financing.

Finally, we are looking forward to bring inspiring insights from the field of data science to the CODE_n community.


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  • Cash out ahead of market crashes
  • Count on years of experience
  • Spend only a couple of minutes / month

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