CryptoCaptain Saved Its Members From Heavy Losses By Selling At 57k

CryptoCaptain’s strategy has been out of the crypto market since November 2021. And that’s for a reason when you consider that we dropped from $57k in Bitcoin when the SELL signal was sent last year to below $20k. That is a major part of the value our service provides: preserving capital when the crypto market is about to crash.

Crypto Market Analysis and CryptoCaptain Update


Bitcoin and the crypto market are fighting resistance and continue their sideways trend. CryptoCaptain uses boring market times to develop new industry-leading quantitative investment products to deliver in our mission of making accessible hedge-fund invesment approaches for everyone.

What to expect from CryptoCaptain in 2022?

Happy New Year to all our readers! To give you a quick update about our exciting developments for crypto investors, I’ve compiled this list. We plan to improve communication material on our website and for CryptoCaptain members. This is to better explain how our investment system works and how you best use our service. So, …

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