CryptoCaptain Saved Its Members From Heavy Losses By Selling At 57k

Early this year my expectation was that the crypto market would recover pretty quickly from its downturns. I was wrong. So to not confuse anyone with personal opinions, I’m much less likely to post them here.

In case you are a CryptoCaptain member, you have access to the quantitative view that our algorithms provide you. These algorithms provide clear buy and sell signals for the overall crypto market.

With the exception of a false breakout in February, CryptoCaptain’s strategy has been out of the crypto market since November 2021. And that’s for a reason when you consider that we dropped from $57k in Bitcoin when the SELL signal was sent last year to below $20k.

That is a major part of the value our service provides: keeping you out of the market when it turns bad and is about to crash – to preserve capital for being able to invest when cryptos are cheap.

To put it short: CryptoCaptain’s strategy will be in the crypto market during major bull markets that deliver +100% returns, aiming to capture at least 80% of the move and it will be out of the market during major bear markets like now. During smaller ups and downs and false breakouts the strategy might produce some small losses – that are limited by algorithmic safety nets. However, the strategy won’t miss large bull runs.

And that leads us to a final personal opinion: Yes, I personally believe that the crypto market will enter bull mode again at some point in time in the future. Know when to buy and sell crypto! Become a member now!

In the meantime, I take the time to develop a quantitative investment system that allows to rotate into the best altcoins over a bull run to profit from the money cycle in crypto. Stay tuned!

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  • Count on years of experience
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