For crypto believers: How to best buy into the crypto market?

Bitcoin and the crypto market have continued their downtrend. Amid this downtrend the overall narratives and value propositions of crypto have not changed. Adoption of crypto continues to rise. Markets that look like they are going to hell mark good times for buying for the ones having the conviction and for believers with a mid-to-long-term investment horizon. We discuss ways to take advantage of cheap coins and of getting into the market safely.

Onchain-analysis suggests the bottom is close

Entity adjusted dormancy flow

Each plunge in this downtrend has been a little less deep than the former one. That is, there is still a lot of interest in buying crypto.
An often cited onchain analysis, the Entity-Adjusted Dormancy Flow, shows that a potential bottom may have been reached in the current downtrend. At least historically, its current reading has well marked market bottoms.

Understanding the Crypto Market’s Volatility

Price chart

Market volatility is caused by any form of uncertainty which could influence the value of an asset. Two important drivers have been (1) shifts in regulation regarding cryptocurrencies, and (2) adoption of crypto currenices in real-world use cases. Market volatility may sound intimidating, but so long as you know how to invest properly, this volatility might end up in your favor.

What to expect from CryptoCaptain in 2022?

Happy New Year to all our readers! To give you a quick update about our exciting developments for crypto investors, I’ve compiled this list. We plan to improve communication material on our website and for CryptoCaptain members. This is to better explain how our investment system works and how you best use our service. So, …

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Cryptos crashing: Where is the bottom?

State of the market The downtrend in the crypto market has been continuing as Bitcoin has crashed through $46k support and is now at a cruicial higher time frames support level of $42k. Despite being recently stronger than Bitcoin, Ethereum also did not hold $3600 and crashed towards $3200. What caused the crash? A driver …

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