Bull Market Compass

how does the Bull Market Compass help investors?

The Bull Market Compass aims at the early detection of shorter bull markets over 2 months.

At the same time, the risk management system is so agile that it can react quickly to imminent crashes, in order to preserve invested capital.

The Bull Market Compass is aimed at crypto investors with a long-term horizon who have little time, but want to participate in the considerable crypto bull markets. The Bull Market Compass is also aimed at investors who want to be warned early of impending crashes in the cryptocurrency market.

Shorts are not necessary here, i.e. a simple German broker such as bisonapp is sufficient.

The performance report now contains a comparison with the buy-and-hold benchmark and shows the advantages and appropriateness of good timing in a simple way using the Bull Market Compass.

Bull Market Compass - Investment Performance
Investment Performance


You will receive a buy notification via email at the beginning of a predicted bull market, and a sell notification at the end. In between, there are often several months in which you do not need to do anything else.

For your safety, the AI algorithms run around the clock to anticipate adverse market developments and provide early warning. Shorter breakdowns in between are normal and to be expected in every bull market.

The bull market development refers to the entire cryptocurrency market and not to specific cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the notifications on demand (so-called Investment Actions), you will normally receive an Investment Performance Update once a week. The Investment Performance Update will inform you about the results of the investments in the bull markets shown here using Bitcoin as an example.

In our tests, we have found that Bitcoin has a good risk/reward profile. However, due to regulatory requirements, we do not want to explicitly recommend any particular crypto-assets.

Bull Market Compass

  • ​Invest early in emerging bull markets
  • Cash out ahead of market crashes
  • Count on years of experience
  • Spend only a couple of minutes / month

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