What to expect from CryptoCaptain in 2022?

Happy New Year to all our readers!

To give you a quick update about our exciting developments for crypto investors, I’ve compiled this list.

We plan to improve communication material on our website and for CryptoCaptain members. This is to better explain how our investment system works and how you best use our service. So, if you have questions and hints that we should consider, please drop us a note.

We also plan to implement an additional and effective alert service for our members using traditional SMS in case a buy or sell signal is hit. Therefore, chances increase that you don’t miss an important call to action and you can secure your portfolio.

Due to time constraints, the frequency of market updates on social media channels and our blog might be reduced to a two week frequency.

In the meantime we invest our time foremost in further improving our AI and our market timing models as this is the most difficult and most important piece of our service. We recently experimented with various alternative data sets that might help improve our precision.

Furthermore we also work on predictive models for selecting the best crypto assets in a systematic and data-driven way.

Stay tuned und subscribe to our channels!

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