BLOCKROCKET partnership

CryptoCaptain is now an official partner of BLOCKROCKET, the European Blockchain Labs.

BLOCKROCKET is an early-stage investor and digital accelerator program for blockchain startups in Germany that help startups, corporates, and investors to leverage the potential of blockchain technology. Since 2019 BLOCKROCKET’s network has grown to over 150 companies and organizations, which cover various blockchain use cases, as well as provide consulting and financing services in the field.

Being part of the BLOCKROCKET community is a unique opportunity for us to meet leading innovators from the crypto and blockchain revolution and work together with them on a new digital world. We hope that with this partnership we will be able to improve our products and services as well as offer you more integrated solutions to make things easier and more convenient for you. Together, we will drive the ease of use and possibilities to adopt, use, and invest in crypto assets. We strongly believe that the whole ecosystem around crypto assets will benefit from each contribution that we make.

  • ​Invest early in emerging bull markets
  • Cash out ahead of market crashes
  • Count on years of experience
  • Spend only a couple of minutes / month

Become part of a rapidly growing investor community